Perky Jerky

Perky Jerky, a jerky company based in Colorado, creates an amazing variety of jerky that is perfect to use on any occasion. In 2016, they got in contact with me through the Outbound Collective and sent me some of their jerky to try out, and by 2017 I became one of their product ambassadors on social media. So with that said, this review is being entirely done for free by someone who simply loves jerky.


  • Flavors! Perky Jerky currently has seven unique flavors: More Than Just Original, Tasty Teriyaki, Brewmaster’s Pale Ale, BBQ with Seoul, Sweet & Snappy, Hot & Bothered, and Jammin’ Jamaican. Their incredible amount of flavors mixes up the traditional jerky scene and all of the flavors are tasty.
  • Turkey and Beef. Perky Jerky has both Turkey Jerky (which was great to eat while traveling throughout India) and Beef Jerky. The Turkey flavors are a little stringier than the Beef varieties, but it’s pretty hard to tell which is which.
  • Moisture. Due to the packaging used by Perky Jerky, their jerky tends to be more moist than those of other brands, and certainly more so than the flavored wood IMG_20171204_211422types found at many gas stations. In some ways this could be both a pro and a con, as some of their more flavourful jerkies (e.g. Jammin’ Jamaican) tend to make one’s hands a little sticky.  I think the cause of this is because Perky Jerky marinates tender cuts of meat overnight, allowing all of the natural ingredients to soak in, which makes them slightly stickier than other brands whose jerky isn’t as fresh.
  • No preservatives! This is huge – there are no preservatives (no nitrites!), the meat is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, and the beef used is 100% grass-fed without added hormones or antibiotics.


  • Gets hot. The packaging can heat up rapidly if it is left in direct sunlight (e.g. on the ground by your pack in the sun during a lunch break).
  • Low calories and fat. (For most people, this would be a Pro.) The jerky has high protein (10 grams per 0.5 oz) but low calories and fat (80 calories per 0.5 oz and 1g total fat per 0.5 oz, respectively), which puts the jerky lower on my list of foods to bring on mountaineering trips – I’d like Perky Jerky even more if they had a higher calorie+higher fat version for those of us who need both the calories and the protein when we’re on mountaineering expeditions.
  • Stickiness. Some of the more marinated flavors can be stickier than others (e.g. Jammin’ Jamaican vs BBQ Seoul)


Perky Jerky looks like your typical jerky, albeit with a slight glean from its moisture content and the flecks here and there of spices and seasonings. The turkey is a lighter color than the beef, and each flavor looks a little different than the others.

The BBQ Seoul flavor tends to be drier and tougher than Tasty Teriyaki, and is evident in its appearance. Perky Jerky’s packaging looks great although its TenderGuard Windowless Packaging design doesn’t allow any view of its content, which is probably why their jerky is so much more tender than other brands.

Value: Priced from $2.99 (1 oz) to $9.99 (5 oz), Perky Jerky is about the same cost as other jerkies on the market.

With its high quality products, I’d definitely recommend Perky Jerky over any other commercially available jerky. I’ve seen them at local grocery stores and at Whole Foods, and they are also purchasable on

Overall, I’ll give Perky Jerky’s jerky a ★★★★★ rating. It’s perfect for every occasion, is backed by a great Guarantee, and Perky Jerky is actually making a difference in the world by giving part of their earnings to support research and care for those with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome. Pick up a bag at your local grocery store (depending on your location) and bring it with you on your next adventure!





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